Love is Action.

01 April 2017

Kev and I just celebrated 2 years of marriage in March. Of course we went on our anniversary honeymoon... I'll share fully in another post... but we visited Savannah for a few days and it was simply beautiful. I came across the collage of images above while I was downloading them from my phone to my computer and decided to post them instead of talking about our trip to Savannah today. Such beautiful memories. It's been one helluva 3 years with this guy. He irks the crap outta me at times but I love him. He has an amazing heart and he truly loves me for me. We are very different. He's outgoing, friendly and likes to wing it {a little too much if you ask me :)} ... and I'm an introvert that is mostly friendly, complete type-A personality and I like to do things right {i.e. I don't like to wing it. :)}. We know love is action - meaning yes, we are opposites, but we focus on what we have in common and work on our relationship daily. It's been fun, frustrating and eye-opening to be married.  I think success comes from being friends first and always talking things out. I'm still a marriage newbie so I don't know it all, of course, but I do know that being completely transparent is what has gotten us to two years of marriage and 3 years all together.  I'm learning to let him be him and me be me  & always remembering ... Love is Action.

Top Row of images :: (1) Our first picture together & Kev's first time meeting my parents (photo taken by my mom) :: (2) Kev took me on a date to the ATL botanical gardens for a night of Christmas lights (3) An "USie" before our engagement session (4) Our first honeymoon anniversary trip

Middlei'sh Row of images :: (1 & 2) Our first date was a 5K... the Color Run ATL - these were taken before the race

Bottom Row of images :: (1) Being silly (2) One of our many dates at the park (3) Our first NYE together (4) Hanging out on my parents' deck (5) Our friend Jared had just pronounced us husband and wife ... apparently we were HAPPY! :) (photo by : Jeremy Harwell)

I'll leave you with music that we've loved while entangled in marital bliss... enjoy.

Marriage Year 1 Song :: Johnny Swim - "Take the World"
Marriage Year 2 Song :: Alina Baraz - "Fantasy"
Honorable mention... Dating :: Glass Animals - Entire Album... "ZABA"

xo, dana


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